Princetown Town Court is located in the County of Schenectady, State of New York. Depending on the direction from which you are coming to the Princetown Town Court, it will either be your first or last exit off of Interstate 88. If you’re like us and driving to the Princetown Town Court from the New York State Thruway (interstate 90), the courthouse will be your first exit off of Interstate 88. It’s an easy court to find and approximately 2 miles off the exit.

The Princetown Town Court is relatively new and is kept very clean. The courtroom will comfortably seat 50 individuals, however, on a busy night, the courtroom is large enough to uncomfortably hold 107 standing individuals.

When you walk into the building, if you go to the right, you will access the Princetown Town Assessor, Paul F. Denninger. If you go to the left, you’ll access the Princetown Town Clerk, Sandra Fortune. Straight ahead of you is the courtroom, also referred to as “meeting room 110”. The bathrooms are located on the town assessor’s side. Interestingly enough, the bathroom soap dispenser is not mounted to the wall. The Court trusts that you will not steal the soap! Don’t steal the soap 🙂

65 Princetown Plaza
12306 Schenectady, NY


  • (518) 357-4047


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