Kingston Town Court is located in the County of Ulster and State of New York and directly next door to the Town of Kingston Highway Department and the Sawkill Fire Company. The Kingston Town Court is located inside of the Kingston Town Hall building. Also inside of the Town Hall building is the Kingston Town Building Department.

When you walk in through the main entrance, immediately to your left will be the Court Clerks Office. Immediately to your right will be the Kingston Town Clerk’s Office. If you walk slightly past both Clerk’s, the Kingston Town Court Courtroom will be to your left. The Kingston Town Court has a beautiful courtroom which has a capacity to hold up to 150 individuals. This Court, however, is low volume and will usually has plenty of room for everyone.

There is a new Court Clerk and her name is Leanne. She was previously the Court Clerk for the Ulster Town Court. She is very experienced and very friendly. If you have any questions she will likely answer them, but, remember, she can not give you legal advice.

Most of the tickets issued by this Courts jurisdiction are issued on Route 209.