Hurley Town Court is a very small and very low volume Town Court located in Ulster County, New York. It is located right next door to the historical Hurley Mountain Inn & is directly off of Route 209 and only 2 miles from the New York State Troopers Troop F building. There’s not much on this portion of Route 209 but luckily the Town of Hurley has a Stewart’s shop if you need gas, coffee or ice cream.

The parking lot is directly in front of the Hurley Town Hall. The Hurley Town Court is located inside of the Town Hall building. Upon entrance you will walk straight into the courtroom. Restrooms are before the courtroom and to your left. The Court Clerk’s Office is in the courtroom and to your immediate right as you enter. The Court Clerk’s Office is usually open during morning hours on Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s.

Most tickets in this courtroom are issued on either Route 209 or Route 28. If you end up visiting the Hurley Town Court, make sure to leave your cell phone in the car. If you are caught with a cell phone, the Court is likely to confiscate it. Also, for brownie points, ask the Judge about his Courtroom Bench. You’ll be interested to know that the Judges bench area is fairly new and, to save money for the town, the Judge declined to hire a contractor and, instead, bought the materials and built the bench himself.