Esopus Town Court was built in 2007. This is a beautiful brand new building and its energy source is solar. The Esopus Town Court is located in a beautiful scenic location of Ulster County and is one of the nicest looking Town Court buildings around. The town court is housed in the same building as the Esopus Town Hall. There are two floors in the building. The EsopusJustice Court is on the second floor while the Esopus Building Department is on the first floor. Interestingly, the main entrance to Town Hall is on the second floor and, if it’s the Esopus Town Court that your looking for, you will not need to use the elevator. Bottom line, make life easier for yourself and park in the front lot and enter the building directly as you would to access the Esopus Town Hall.

Upon your entrance, the Esopus Town Court is impossible to miss. As you will learn, the Town Court is pretty much the entire second floor. You will notice that all of the town departments, or at least a majority of them, are located inside of the town courtroom. This was a very inconvenient way to construct the building and there have been many complaints that privacy does not exist during the day. Inside the courtroom, among other departments, you will find theEsopus Town Clerks Office, the Esopus Town Supervisor and the Esopus Town Tax Assessor’s Office. In order to access the Court Clerk, you will have to walk all the way to the back of the courtroom and past the holding room (which is to the right of the Judge’s Bench). Look for signs!

The Court Clerks of Esopus Town Court are very nice and they will help you as much as possible. The Lois Dekoskie is the Senior Court Clerk but you will usually deal with Marianne Wells or Karen Bitonte, the Court Clerks. If you have questions for the Court Clerk’s Office, you can reach them anytime between 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM, Monday through Friday.