Athens Town Court is located in the Greene County, State of New York. Athens Town Court is located inside of the Athens Town Hall. Athens Town Hall is situated right in the center of the community and is surrounded buy single family homes. It’s not where your typical Town Hall would be located. Hence, when you arrive at the Town Hall, the big brick building will say Athens Community Center. Don’t be discouraged because you’re at the right place!!! Go directly inside the big brick building and follow the signs. The Athens Town Court is on the second floor so walk up the stairs to find the Court Clerk’s office and the Town Court.

There are two stairways, one on each side of the building. If you’re facing the building, the men’s room is on the left stairway and the women’s room is on the right stairway. These are single occupancy restrooms so if you’re looking for some privacy then you are in luck 🙂

Fun fact: The Town Court is directly next door to the Town of Athens Museum. The Town of Athens consists of what was formerly parts of Coxsackie and Catskill. If you have the time, we invite you to explore the Museum and learn about the history of this beautiful town.