Albany Traffic Court has seriously improved their handling of supporting documents, at one point this court was much slower. Be sure to double check with the court that your not guilty plea has been acknowledged if you’re pleading not guilty. While Albany Traffic Court may not be your favorite place to visit, the judges presiding are generally fair and reasonably friendly. Do not be alarmed if your traffic ticket indicates ‘criminal part’, so long as it was a traffic ticket or moving violation, that is still heard in this court. This is occasionally done by police mistakenly.

This court primarily hears traffic tickets, other matters such as misdemeanor and DWI, DUI, and driving without a license are heard in Albany Criminal Part.

To get to Albany Traffic Court coming from I-787 South: Exit @ Clinton Avenue, and turn Left onto South Pearl Street. Then make a right onto State Street. Continue straight on State Street up two blocks. City Hall, where Albany Traffic Court is located is on the second block on your right hand side.

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